Mechanický simulátor plic pro ex vivo měření ukládání aerosolu v plicích

With the current exposure to aerosols, nanoparticles and fine dust the cases of pulmonary diseases increase. Nowadays there is still little information about the distribution of inhaled particles in the lung itself. However, this information is important for pharmaceutical industry providing inhalable diagnostics and therapeutics. The presented lung simulator i-Lung is an active mechanical lung simulator, which offers the use of different lung equivalents, like a primed porcine lung or latex bags. The i-Lung uses a non destructive aerosol measurement system for measuring the size and amount of in- and exhaled particles that were produced beforehand.
This lung simulator is a first step into the direction of replacing laboratory animals for inhalation test as ordered by the EU REACH regulation. One possible solution to reduce the amount of needed animals is the here presented lung simulator i-Lung 2.0. This lung simulator uses a non destructive aerosol measurement system and is designed to work as a passive or active lung simulation tool. The i-Lung can simulate different physiological and pathological breathing patterns and measure inhaled and exhaled particles using a white light aerosol sensor. Furthermore, the i-Lung can use different lung equivalents such as a isolated primed porcine lung and has the foundations to be used as an ex vivo aerosol measurement. The contribution deals with mechanical realization, design and realization of electronics for signal processing from sensors and the design of the micro - controller based control system.